Stakeholders and other members of the public are welcome to address the Airport Authority Board during the public comment period at any of its public meetings. All Board, Board Committee and Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public, with public comment periods. Airport Authority Board member contact information is also available on the website at

For all major development projects, the Airport Authority follows state and federal Environmental Impact Report and Environmental Impact Statement guidelines, which includes extensive public comment and public participation requirements.


The Airport Authority's Sustainability Report Team presented a summary of the 2014-2015 sustainability report to all internal departments and their staff over the past year. In addition to providing an overview of the report's findings, the presentations provided an opportunity to discuss and capture employees' perspectives on how the Authority's organizational values support progress towards addressing the 20 material issues identified in the report. The organizational values most frequently highlighted by employees were "Safety," "Customer" and "Excellence." Employees were also encouraged to incorporate any of the 20 material issues, if applicable, into their performance goals and work priorities throughout the year.

The Airport Authority defines materiality based on the priority of each aspect to the business, our stakeholders and our customers. The Airport Authority's supply chain includes facility tenants along with the goods and services needed for airport operations and construction activity. This report generally addresses Airport Authority activities and does not address the activities of Airport Authority suppliers, tenants, or contractors except where noted.

Materiality Matrix